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MJS educates aspiring candidates, aiming to fulfill their armed forces dreams. Situated in Lucknow’s Alambagh, our academy is easily reachable by metro and public transport. We boast a high selection rate, evidenced by the flood of calls and messages post-results. Offering both online and offline classes, we ensure flexibility and accessibility for all.

CDS Coaching Centre in Lucknow

With the highest selection rate in last year’s CDS examinations, MJS Defence Academy stands out as the premier CDS coaching centre in Lucknow, India. Our institute provides students with an optimal learning environment and essential amenities to ensure success in the challenging CDS exams.

CDS Written Exam Preparation Coaching

The Combined Defence Services Exam opens the doors to a life of pride and honour in the armed forces. For every young, vigilant, and vivacious student, a career in the armed forces is truly admirable. MJS Defence Academy equips students to qualify for the CDS written exam and SSB interview on their first attempt.

Why Choose MJS Defence Academy for CDS Preparation ?

If you’re seeking the best CDS coaching in India, look no further than MJS Defence Academy. Here are the advantages of joining our institute:

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  • Team of Experts: Our faculty comprises experienced professionals with years of exposure in their respective subjects, dedicated to consistently making students successful.

  • Lesson Plan Based Lectures: We provide structured lectures based on a comprehensive lesson plan, ensuring a systematic and realistic approach to preparation.

  • Weekly Mock Tests: Weekly mock tests, conducted according to the CDSE pattern, help students acclimatise to the latest exam trends and assess their preparation level.

  • Mock Interviews and Counselling Sessions: We conduct mock interviews and counselling sessions to enhance students’ communication, personality, and interview techniques, focusing on their reasoning and logical thinking abilities.

  • Special Lectures on Communication Skills and Personality Development: Special lectures cater to students’ communication and presentation skills, with special notes provided for Hindi medium students.

  • Doubt Clearing Sessions: Regular doubt clearing sessions evaluate students’ understanding of the content and enhance their participation.

  • Medical Check-Up and Counselling: We conduct medical check-ups and provide counselling for maintaining physical and mental fitness, including diet, exercise, and concentration parameters.

  • CDA Publication: Our own publication offers effective study material, notes, monthly magazines, and books, refined by our research and development team.

  • Exposure to SSB Interview: Students receive exposure to SSB interviews under the guidance of our SSB Panel, enabling them to analyse, realise, and implement officer-like qualities.

  • Online Portal/App: Our Defence Guru portal keeps students updated with the latest trends, notifications, and success stories in defence exams.

  • In-Built Library: A well-equipped library with a variety of books provides students with exhaustive study materials.

  • Hostel and Mess Facility: Separate hostel and mess facilities for girls and boys ensure a disciplined, learning-oriented environment.

  • Annual Sports Meet: We organise sports and group activities, including an annual sports meet, to promote physical fitness and interaction among students.

  • Advanced Infrastructure: Our institute offers advanced infrastructure to create a smooth and flexible learning environment, with an effective IMS system for tracking student progress.

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Preparing for Success:

  • MJS Defence Academy, with the highest success rate in the CDS Exam, focuses on the all-round development of its students. An effective daily routine recommended by our defence experts ensures optimal time and resource management for success in the exams. Our retired officers of the Indian Armed Forces recommend following this routine for disciplined and stress-free preparation. Time management is crucial for Defence Aspirants, and a well-structured daily routine lays the foundation for success in student life and beyond.

    For the best CDS coaching experience, join MJS Defence Academy today!

Why Choose MJS Defence Academy for NDA SSB Interview Preparation?

  • Expert Guidance: Our faculty consists of experienced SSB trainers and ex-board members who provide expert guidance on psychology, group testing, and personal interviews.
  • Structured Approach: We offer a structured approach to SSB interview preparation, covering all aspects of the selection process, including psychology, GTO tasks, and personal interviews.
  • Free Training: MJS Defence Academy provides free SSB training sessions to all students, ensuring they are well-prepared for every stage of the interview process.
  • Proven Results: With our rigorous training and expert guidance, MJS Defence Academy has helped numerous candidates successfully clear the NDA SSB Interview and realize their dream of joining the Indian Armed Forces.

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Join MJS Defence Academy Today:

  • Admission Open: Don’t miss the opportunity to join the premier NDA coaching institute in India. Contact us today to enrol in our coaching classes and start your journey towards a rewarding career in the Indian Armed Forces.
  • Contact Information: To learn more about our courses and admission process, please fill out the contact form on our website or reach out to us via phone or email.
  • Experience the MJS Difference: Join MJS Defence Academy and experience the difference in quality education, expert guidance, and comprehensive preparation for the NDA exam and SSB interview.


1. What is the Combined Defence Services (CDS) examination, and who is eligible to appear for it?
  • The CDS examination is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to recruit candidates for officer positions in the Indian Armed Forces. Eligible candidates include graduates and final-year students of recognised universities.
2. What are the different stages of the CDS examination process?
  • The CDS examination comprises a written test followed by the Service Selection Board (SSB) interview. The written test includes English, General Knowledge, and Elementary Mathematics for Officers’ Training Academy (OTA) entries, while it also includes subjects related to respective branches for Indian Military Academy (IMA), Indian Naval Academy (INA), and Indian Air Force Academy (AFA) entries.
3. How can I prepare effectively for the CDS written examination?
  • Effective preparation for the CDS written examination involves understanding the exam pattern, syllabus, and practising previous years’ question papers. It’s essential to focus on strengthening English language skills, general knowledge, and mathematical abilities.
4. What is the role of the SSB interview in the CDS selection process?
  • The SSB interview is a crucial part of the CDS selection process, where candidates are assessed for their officer-like qualities, leadership potential, communication skills, and overall suitability for a career in the armed forces. It includes psychological tests, group discussions, and personal interviews.
5. How can joining MJS Defence Academy benefit my CDS preparation?
  • Joining  MJS Defence Academy can provide structured guidance, expert faculty support, access to study materials, mock tests, and personalised attention, all of which can significantly enhance your preparation and increase your chances of success in the CDS examination.

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Best CDS Coaching in Lucknow, CDS Coaching In Lucknow, CDS Best Coaching In Lucknow, CDS Classes In Lucknow, CDS Coaching Fees In Lucknow

Best CDS Coaching in Lucknow, CDS Coaching In Lucknow, CDS Best Coaching In Lucknow, CDS Classes In Lucknow, CDS Coaching Fees In Lucknow