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PPDT Pictures With Stories

PPDT Pictures with Solutions: A Comprehensive Guide by MJS Defence Academy

The Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT) and Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) are crucial components of the SSB interview process. These assessments evaluate candidates’ reasoning, intellect, and ability to think critically under pressure. Here at MJS Defence Academy, we understand the importance of excelling in these tests, which is why we provide comprehensive guidance and practice materials to help candidates succeed.

Understanding PPDT and TAT in the SSB Interview:

The PPDT is conducted during the initial evaluations of the 5-day SSB interview. Candidates are shown a hazy picture and are required to create a story based on the image. This test assesses their capacity for reasoning, intellect, and general intelligence. After writing their stories, candidates participate in a group discussion where they share their interpretations and ideas.

Similarly, the TAT is conducted on day two of the SSB interview and evaluates candidates’ idea generation and thinking ability in dynamic situations. Candidates are presented with 12 unclear pictures and must create a story based on each image, demonstrating their ability to think creatively and critically.

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Tips for Excelling in PPDT and TAT:

To excel in the PPDT and TAT, candidates should follow these practical tips:

  1. Examine the pictures carefully to identify key elements and characters.
  2. Focus on the surroundings and details provided in the image.
  3. Identify the main character as the “hero” of the story and develop their role accordingly.
  4. Maintain optimism and positivity throughout the process, reflecting a proactive approach to problem-solving.
  5. Avoid exaggeration and stick to realistic portrayals of characters and situations.
  6. Use your imagination to craft creative and engaging stories that capture the essence of the picture.
  7. Stay focused on time management and accuracy, ensuring that your story is concise and well-written.
  8. Avoid any deceptive or misleading behaviour, as honesty and integrity are valued traits in the SSB interview.

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Practice Materials and Original Pictures:

To help candidates prepare for the PPDT and TAT, we provide 50 original PPDT and TAT pictures for practice. These images are accompanied by sample stories and solutions to guide candidates in their preparation. By practising with these materials, candidates can improve their technique and confidence in tackling the PPDT and TAT during the SSB interview.

The economy experiencing a downturn, workers at the factory are facing frequent retrenchments. This has intensified the distress among the workers, who were already advocating for a wage hike. In order to present their demands to the management and halt the layoffs, the workers opt to form a union and collectively voice their concerns. Recognizing the strength in unity, they understand that speaking with one voice will make it challenging for the management to dismiss their demands. Consequently, they decide to initiate a strike on a chosen day. This demonstrates the influence of collective action and solidarity.

Rahul, a 28-year-old school teacher in the Raebareli district, was strolling in the market on the weekend when he witnessed a thief suddenly snatching a lady’s necklace. Without hesitation, Rahul sprang into action and chased after the thief. Within minutes, Rahul apprehended the thief and subdued him. With the assistance of nearby individuals, Rahul escorted the thief to the nearby police station. Subsequently, he returned the necklace to the grateful lady. Rahul also suggested to the police that regular patrols should be conducted in the area to deter such incidents in the future.

Captain Arjun was stationed in the higher altitudes of Ladakh. One day, he received orders from senior officers to organize a trekking activity with his team. Arjun was thrilled about the opportunity. He convened a meeting of his team and outlined a rough plan for the event. Arjun, along with his team, determined the route and schedule for the trekking activity. On the day of the event, Arjun distributed equipment such as maps, compasses, shoes, ropes, sticks, and kit bags to all team members. Subsequently, they all ascended the mountain with great enthusiasm. The task was successfully completed, and the seniors commended the entire team’s efforts.

Rahul is a 24-year-old man preparing for the civil services examination. Upon returning to his village, Chandanpur, after his exams, he discovered that most of the farmers in his village were impoverished and lacked proper farming equipment. Determined to assist them, Rahul enlisted the help of the local village head to convene a meeting of farmers. He educated them about various government schemes such as the Kisan Credit Card Scheme, Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojna, and other schemes aimed at supporting farmers. Rahul continued to keep the farmers updated about new schemes and also taught them how to access information about these schemes and avail benefits. As a result of Rahul’s efforts, the farmers of Chandanpur Village are now leading prosperous lives with the assistance of government initiatives.

Amit was a captain in the Army and stationed in Jaipur. Upon returning home, he organised a small gathering with his friends during the holiday. While they were enjoying themselves, he noticed that one of his friends began smoking, even in front of his child. Amit felt concerned and immediately intervened, explaining to his friend the various health risks associated with smoking, such as cancer, especially when exposed to children. He suggested meditation techniques and nicotine gum to help his friend quit smoking. After a few months, Amit followed up with his friend over the phone and was delighted to learn that his friend had successfully quit smoking. Amit felt a sense of satisfaction and happiness at the positive outcome.

Rohan was recently elected as the president of a self-help group that specialised in pickle making. He convened a meeting with the members and outlined his plans for expansion. Rohan instructed the group’s accountant to provide loans to both members and outsiders, maintaining meticulous records in a diary. Additionally, he initiated a training programme to enhance management skills among the members. Rohan ensured that every member attended group meetings and had an opportunity to voice their opinions. All decisions were made by majority vote.

To ensure timely repayment of loans obtained from the bank, Rohan instructed the secretary to maintain a separate ledger. He secured office space, furniture, and additional refrigerators to preserve the products effectively. Drawing upon the knowledge of women in the village, Rohan explored various methods to make the pickles healthier and organic. Under his leadership, the group’s operations became more efficient, resulting in an increase in membership.

Rajiv was recently appointed as the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) of Thoubal district in Manipur. While familiarising himself with the area, he identified a promising opportunity to develop a riverfront along the Imphal river between the villages of Kanakpur and Thomba. Rajiv devised a comprehensive plan for the project and immediately convened a meeting with officials from the forest department to secure necessary permissions. Subsequently, he engaged with contractors through a tender process to initiate development work, emphasising the importance of completing the project within a specified timeframe.

In addition to basic infrastructure development, such as ferry services and food stalls, Rajiv envisioned incorporating recreational activities like bungee jumping and designated lanes for cyclists. Furthermore, he prioritised environmental sustainability by installing dustbins every 20 meters along the riverfront. Initially, the riverfront was made accessible to the public free of charge for a month. However, to ensure long-term maintenance, Rajiv implemented a ticketing system thereafter.

The initiative garnered significant public interest, with large numbers of people flocking to the area to enjoy the river and picturesque surroundings.

Arjun, an 18-year-old student in class XII at Presidency School in Bengaluru, decided to initiate preparations for Teacher’s Day Celebration two weeks before September 5. He gathered his entire class in the common room to brainstorm ideas for the event. After much discussion, they finalised a plan that included a slide show featuring pictures appreciating their teachers and their accomplishments, a light-hearted themed assembly, outdoor activities such as racing and football, and a tug-of-war competition between the outgoing batch and the teachers, all culminating in a grand tea party.

Pooling their resources, the students divided tasks and budget allocations among themselves. Arjun took charge of overseeing the design work and organising the tea party, while also coordinating with other teams to ensure smooth execution. They crafted greeting cards to invite teachers to the event.

The celebrations unfolded flawlessly, leaving Arjun and his classmates elated to have orchestrated a memorable day for their teachers.

Raj and Karan were classmates in 6th grade and shared a close friendship. One day, they were summoned together to have their notebooks checked since their roll numbers were sequential. The teacher reprimanded Karan for leaving his work incomplete and instructed him to present the notebook again the following day with the missing work completed.

Back in the classroom, Raj approached Karan and learned that he had been preoccupied with important family matters. Raj reassured him not to worry and promised to assist him with his tasks. He extended an invitation to Karan to visit his home after school.

At Raj’s home, he helped Karan complete his work and provided explanations for concepts missed in class. After their studies, they savoured a meal prepared by Raj’s mother. Karan expressed his gratitude and left feeling content.

Rohan, a 21-year-old B.Sc. nursing student, was on his way to college one morning when he witnessed a car colliding with a Tanga (Horse-Cart). Seeing that the Tangawala and the horse were injured from the impact, Rohan sprang into action. He immediately alerted the Ambulance, Veterinary Ambulance, and the Police for urgent assistance.

In the meantime, Rohan administered first aid to the injured individuals, providing them with immediate medical attention. He also assisted in transporting the injured person to the hospital and promptly contacted their family members to inform them of the situation. After ensuring that the injured person was receiving proper treatment, Rohan continued on his way to college.

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At MJS Defence Academy, we are committed to helping candidates succeed in the PPDT and TAT assessments of the SSB interview. With our comprehensive guidance, practice materials, and practical tips, candidates can enhance their performance and increase their chances of success in joining the Indian Armed Forces as officers.

For more information and guidance on PPDT and TAT preparation, please contact MJS Defence Academy today.


1. What is the PPDT in the SSB interview, and how does it contribute to the assessment process?
  • The Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT) is a component of the screening process in the SSB interview. It assesses candidates’ reasoning, intellect, rationality, general intelligence, and time management skills. Candidates are required to create a story based on a given image and participate in a group discussion based on their perceptions.
2. What is the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) in the SSB interview, and what is its purpose?
  • The Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) is one of the psychological series assessments conducted during the SSB interview. It evaluates candidates’ idea generation and thinking ability in dynamic situations. The test aims to assess the candidate’s unconscious mental state and encourage the development of their ideas through storytelling based on 12 given pictures.
3. How can candidates excel in the PPDT and TAT tests during the SSB interview?
  • Candidates can excel in the PPDT and TAT tests by carefully examining the given pictures, focusing on the surroundings, identifying the main character as the hero of the story, maintaining optimism, avoiding exaggeration, being imaginative, staying focused on time and accuracy, and refraining from any deceptive behavior.

4. What are some key tips for writing effective stories in the PPDT and TAT tests?
  • Some key tips for writing effective stories in the PPDT and TAT tests include:

    • Examine the pictures carefully to understand the context.
    • Focus on the surroundings depicted in the image.
    • Identify the main character as the protagonist or hero of the story.
    • Maintain a positive and optimistic tone throughout the narrative.
    • Avoid exaggeration or embellishment in the story.
    • Use your imagination to craft a creative and engaging narrative.
    • Stay focused on time constraints and ensure accuracy in your writing.
    • Refrain from any form of deceptive or misleading behavior in your story.
5. Where can candidates find practice material for the PPDT and TAT tests?
  • Candidates can find practice material for the PPDT and TAT tests online, including sample pictures with solutions and guidance on how to approach each test. Additionally, coaching institutes and study guides often provide comprehensive resources and practice sessions to help candidates prepare effectively for these assessments.

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PPDT Pictures With Stories, Ppdt Picture For Ssb, How To Write Ppdt Story In Ssb, Ppdt Images With Stories, Ppdt Pictures With Answers Pdf

PPDT Pictures With Stories, Ppdt Picture For Ssb, How To Write Ppdt Story In Ssb, Ppdt Images With Stories, Ppdt Pictures With Answers Pdf

PPDT Pictures With Stories, Ppdt Picture For Ssb, How To Write Ppdt Story In Ssb, Ppdt Images With Stories, Ppdt Pictures With Answers Pdf