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CAPF (Central Armed Police Forces) Assistant Commandant Coaching

At MJS Defence Academy, we offer comprehensive coaching for aspiring candidates preparing for the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) Assistant Commandant examination. Our coaching programme is designed to equip candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in this competitive exam. Here are the key features of our coaching:


Educational Qualification: Candidates applying for the CRPF (Assistant Commandant) examination must possess a graduation degree from a government-recognised university.

Sex: Both male and female candidates are eligible to apply for the post of Assistant Commandant.

Nationality: Only citizens of India are eligible for appointment or employment under these rules, unless consented to by the Central Government in writing. However, subjects of Nepal or Bhutan may also be appointed, enrolled, or employed under these rules, subject to certain conditions.

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MJS Defence Academy for CAPF Coaching?

1. Systematic Lesson Plan: We provide a structured lesson plan covering each subject in ample proportion required for competitive exams. This ensures clarity from the outset, enabling candidates to focus on specific areas of study effectively.

2. Learning with Fun: Understanding the youthful nature of students preparing for entrance exams, we integrate fun-oriented learning activities into our curriculum. This approach not only enhances knowledge retention but also ensures an enjoyable learning experience.

3. Weekly Tests: Regular assessment is essential for measuring progress and identifying areas for improvement. We conduct weekly tests to evaluate candidates’ understanding and boost their confidence levels.

4. Doubt Clearing Sessions: We offer dedicated doubt clearing sessions after classes to address students’ queries and provide revision and counselling support. This personalised attention fosters a conducive learning environment and encourages students to excel.

5. Mock Interview Sessions: Preparation for the interview stage is crucial, and we conduct mock interview sessions to simulate real-life scenarios. Feedback is provided to help candidates identify strengths and weaknesses, enhancing their interview performance.

6. Defence Guru (Online Education Portal): Our online portal, Defence Guru, offers access to a wealth of study materials, updates, articles, and success stories related to defence exams. This digital platform facilitates interactive learning and keeps candidates informed about exam-related developments.

7. Online Defence Exams: Through our online defence exam module, candidates can assess their preparation and compete with peers from across the country. This platform provides valuable insights into exam patterns and helps candidates gauge their readiness.

8. Hostel and Mess Facility: For outstation candidates, we provide hostel and mess facilities within the academy premises, ensuring a conducive environment for focused study and growth.

9. Library Facility: Our academy boasts a rich collection of books that students can utilise for reference and self-study, enhancing their learning experience.

10. Interactive IMS System: We employ an interactive IMS system to keep parents informed about their child’s progress, including attendance, fee deposits, mock interview feedback, and weekly test results.

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Why Choose MJS Defence Academy for CAPF Coaching?

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the CAPF exam annually to recruit candidates for various armed units nationwide. Successful candidates in the Central Armed Police Forces exam attain the ranks of Assistant Commandant (AC). The UPSC CAPF AC exam is highly competitive, demanding thorough preparation for success. Recognising this, several defence coaching institutes now offer online classes for CAPF preparation. Consequently, CAPF aspirants seek comprehensive online coaching to prepare effectively for the exam. Lucknow-based MJS Defence Academy offers top-notch online CAPF coaching in India, with a specific emphasis on interview preparation. In this article, we will delve into why you should choose MJS Defence Academy for online CAPF coaching. Before delving into the key features of the best online coaching classes for CAPF, let us understand the importance of joining online coaching for CAPF preparation.

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1. What is the CAPF exam?
  • The CAPF exam, conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), recruits candidates for various armed units across India, assigning successful candidates the rank of Assistant Commandant (AC).
2. Who can apply for the CAPF exam?
  • Both male and female candidates meeting the educational qualifications and nationality criteria set by UPSC can apply for the CAPF exam.
3. What are the educational qualifications required for the CAPF exam?
  • Candidates must hold a graduation degree from a government-recognized university to be eligible for the CAPF exam.
4. Is there any age limit for CAPF exam applicants?
  • Yes, candidates must meet the age criteria specified by UPSC to apply for the CAPF exam. The details regarding age limits can be found in the official notification.
5. How can I prepare effectively for the CAPF exam?
  • Effective preparation for the CAPF exam involves thorough understanding of the exam pattern, regular practice of mock tests, and enrolling in reputable coaching institutes like MJS Defence Academy for guidance and support.

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Best CAPF Coaching in Lucknow, CAPF Coaching, CAPF Free Online Coaching, CAPF Paper 2 Coaching, Best CAPF Coaching In India

Best CAPF Coaching in Lucknow, CAPF Coaching, CAPF Free Online Coaching, CAPF Paper 2 Coaching, Best CAPF Coaching In India

Best CAPF Coaching in Lucknow, CAPF Coaching, CAPF Free Online Coaching, CAPF Paper 2 Coaching, Best CAPF Coaching In India