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Army Cadet College (ACC)

Established in 1960, the Army Cadet College (ACC) was initiated to offer career advancement opportunities to deserving soldiers by allowing entry into the corps of officer cadre. Today, ACC stands as a symbol of egalitarianism and excellence in the field of military education.

ACC Coaching in Lucknow: Excellence Redefined

At MJS Defence Academy, we take immense pride in being recognised as the premier institute for ACC coaching in Lucknow, India. With a proven track record of the highest selection rate in the country and a reputation as the top training institute for Defence Force Selection Tests, we ensure holistic grooming of aspirants preparing for the ACC Exam.

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Advantages of Choosing MJS Defence Academy

  1. Team of Experts: Our experienced faculty members have rich exposure in their respective subjects and are dedicated to ensuring the consistent success of our students.

  2. Structured Lesson Plan: We provide lesson plan-based lectures to ensure a systematic and realistic approach to preparation, dividing the syllabus into manageable modules and lessons.

  3. Weekly Mock Tests: Conducted in alignment with the ACC pattern, our weekly mock tests help students familiarise themselves with the latest exam trends and assess their preparation level accurately.

  4. Mock Interviews and Counseling Sessions: Our comprehensive mock interviews and counseling sessions focus on enhancing students’ communication, personality, reasoning ability, and logical thinking skills, crucial for the ACC SSB Interview and Psychology tests.

  5. Special Lectures on Communication Skills and Personality Development: We offer special lectures to enhance students’ communication and presentation skills, catering to both Hindi and English medium backgrounds.

  6. Doubt Clearing Sessions: Regular doubt clearing sessions after lectures and revision sessions ensure active participation and clarity of concepts among students.

  7. Exposure to SSB Interview: Through simulated SSB Interview sessions, we provide students with exposure to the interview process, helping them analyse, realise, and implement officer-like qualities effectively.

  8. Online Portal/App: Our online portal, Defence Guru, keeps students updated with the latest trends in Armed Forces, notifications, articles, and success stories, ensuring comprehensive preparation.

  9. In-built Library: Our well-equipped library provides students with access to a wide range of books, enhancing their learning experience.

  10. Hostel and Mess Facility: We offer hostel and mess facilities for both girls and boys, fostering a disciplined and conducive learning environment.

  11. Free Study Material: Students benefit from free study material covering all required topics and subjects as per the latest syllabus.

  12. Advanced Infrastructure: With advanced infrastructure and an effective IMS system, we provide a smooth and flexible learning environment to students, tracking their progress and addressing grievances efficiently.

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ACC Exam Structure and Syllabus

The ACC exam consists of four sections:

  1. General Mental Ability Test (GMAT)
  2. Current & General Awareness Test (CGAT)
  3. Interactive Communicative English (ICE)
  4. Academic Content Test (ACT)

Each section assesses different aspects of the candidate’s abilities and knowledge. The syllabus for each section covers a wide range of topics, including reasoning ability, numerical ability, general awareness, English language skills, mathematics, general science, and humanities.

SubjectNo. of QuestionTotal MarksMarks for Correct Answer
General Mental Ability150300+2
Current General Awareness150300+2
Interactive Communicative English120 Objective Questions + 30 Descriptive Question300OTQ- +1


DQ- +6

Academic Content Test150300+2


PartsNo. of QuestionsTotal Marks
Reasoning Ability (Verbal)75 Questions150 Marks
Non – Verbal Reasoning15 Questions30 Marks
Numerical Ability60 Questions120 Marks


This section focuses on assessing the candidate’s understanding of the surrounding environment and its relevance to society. The syllabus encompasses testing mental acuity, awareness of current events, situational comprehension, and military knowledge. It comprises 150 objective-type questions, each carrying two marks. Candidates are expected to demonstrate their grasp of various subjects, including societal issues, contemporary affairs, and military affairs, to showcase their overall awareness and analytical abilities. This component aims to evaluate how well candidates can apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios, making it an integral part of the examination process.


This section is designed to evaluate the candidate’s proficiency and comprehension of the English language, with a specific focus on communicative skills. It comprises two sub-sections dedicated to Interactive Communicative English. Sub-section I entails 120 objective-type questions, each worth one mark, to be completed within a duration of one hour. These questions assess the candidate’s grasp of grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and other fundamental aspects of English communication. Sub-section II, on the other hand, involves descriptive-type questions, totalling 180 marks, to be tackled over a period of two hours. These questions require candidates to demonstrate their ability to articulate ideas, express opinions, and communicate effectively through written language. The descriptive questions may cover a range of topics, such as essays, letters, reports, and summaries, thereby evaluating the candidate’s writing skills and coherence of thought. Overall, this component aims to gauge the candidate’s proficiency in English communication, both in terms of comprehension and expression, which are essential skills for officers in the Indian Armed Forces. Candidates are expected to demonstrate fluency, accuracy, and coherence in their responses to excel in this section of the examination.


SubjectNo. of QuestionsTotal Marks
Mathematics50 Questions100 Marks
General Science50 Questions100 Marks
Humanities50 Questions100 Marks

Maths Jugad Se (MJS Defence Academy)

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  • Experience the MJS Difference: Join MJS Defence Academy and experience the difference in quality education, expert guidance, and comprehensive preparation for the NDA exam and SSB interview.

At MJS Defence Academy, we are committed to providing the best ACC coaching in Lucknow, empowering aspirants to achieve their dreams of serving the nation as commissioned officers in the Indian Army. With our comprehensive coaching, experienced faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities, we strive to nurture the next generation of leaders for the defence forces.

Contact us today to embark on your journey towards success with MJS Defence Academy, the epitome of excellence in ACC coaching.


1. What makes MJS Defence Academy stand out as the premier choice for ACC coaching?
  • At MJS Defence Academy, we distinguish ourselves through our unparalleled team of experts with years of experience in the field. Our comprehensive lesson plans, weekly mock tests, and personalised mock interviews ensure holistic preparation for ACC aspirants.
2. How does MJS Defence Academy support candidates in improving their English language skills for the ACC exam?
3. What sets MJS Defence Academy apart in terms of infrastructure and facilities for ACC coaching?
  • With state-of-the-art infrastructure, an extensive library, hostel facilities, and an online learning portal, MJS Defence Academy provides a conducive learning environment for ACC aspirants, allowing them to focus on their preparation with ease.

4. How does MJS Defence Academy prepare candidates for the ACC SSB Interview?
  • Through mock interviews, counselling sessions, and personality development lectures, MJS Defence Academy hones candidates’ communication skills, logical thinking abilities, and officer-like qualities, ensuring their readiness for the ACC SSB Interview.

5. What is the success rate of students who undergo ACC coaching at MJS Defence Academy?
  • MJS Defence Academy boasts a remarkable success rate, with a high number of students clearing the ACC exam and securing admission into the prestigious Army Cadet College. Our proven track record speaks volumes about the effectiveness of our coaching programmes.

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Best ACC Coaching In Lucknow, ACC Coaching, ACC Coaching Centre, Best ACC Coaching In India, ACC Exam Coaching Centre

Best ACC Coaching In Lucknow, ACC Coaching, ACC Coaching Centre, Best ACC Coaching In India, ACC Exam Coaching Centre

Best ACC Coaching In Lucknow, ACC Coaching, ACC Coaching Centre, Best ACC Coaching In India, ACC Exam Coaching Centre